Thursday, July 27, 2017

Defend Health Care: Keep Calling Your Senators

I just called the offices of Idaho’s Senators Mike Crapo and Jim Risch for the second time this week and asked them to vote against “skinny repeal.” I said,
“Please vote against skinny repeal of the Affordable Care Act. If the Senate can’t come up with a bill to get 50 votes on its own, it’s certainly not going to happen in conference. That’s not regular order. And the bill isn’t a good one on its own, either. The CBO says it will jack up my premiums by 20% and take insurance away from millions. There are better ways to fix the Affordable Care Act’s problems — please vote against skinny repeal, and all the current repeal attempts.”
(I don’t know why, but it’s virtually always easier to reach Crapo’s staff than Risch’s!)

Although Crapo and Risch almost certainly vote for anything their bosses McConnell and Trump put forward, they still need to feel pressure from their constituents. Call your own senators now! If they’re GOP, ask them to vote against repeal, and if they’re Democrats, thank them for holding the line. The Capitol switchboard is (202) 224–3121.

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