Tuesday, June 30, 2015

The Episcopal Church Embraces Marriage Equality and ALL God's children!

On a vote of 129-26, the House of Bishops in the Episcopal Church has approved liturgies for same-sex marriage ceremonies! No blessings - MARRIAGE, the full-on sacrament.

This is WONDERFUL news and I am so proud to be an Episcopalian! The Archbishop of Canterbury in London, who is the titular head of the full Anglican Communion, released this statement:
"At a time of such suffering around the world, he stated that this was a moment for the church to be looking outwards."
I completely agree! Let's look out beyond the pews - to everyone the church has hurt in the past - and do what we can to apologize, heal the wounds, and fight for justice.

Wait, what? That's not what he meant?
"Archbishop Justin Welby said that [the Episcopal Church's decision to recognize marriage equality] will cause distress for some and have ramifications for the Anglican Communion as a whole."
And what about the refusal to recognize the dignity of ALL God's children? The refusal to treat our brothers and sisters as equals? The bloody violence that leads to against LGBT people in Nigeria, Uganda, and yes, even here on a smaller scale in the United States? Does that all not cause distress for some with ramifications for all, as well?

When the ABC said this: "We continue to mourn with all those who are grieving loved ones and caring for the injured from the terrorist attacks in Sousse, Kuwait and Lyons, and from the racist attacks in Charleston." What about the 1,572 Americans who the FBI says were victims of sexual-orientation hate crimes in 2011? Or the fact that though transgendered people are just 1% of immigration detainees, they are 20% of that population's sexual assault victims? And what about the millions more who simply want - need - to be told they are human too? Should we not mourn, care for, and stand with them, too?

This is not the first time Justin Welby has said such things, and I'm starting to feel a little ashamed to have him as Archbishop of Canterbury. He proclaims the need for unity, yet takes sides in the process - and the side of injustice, at that. But I'm proud of my church. We welcome, include, and love ALL of God's children. God loves YOU!

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