Tuesday, July 01, 2014

Soccer is groing on me, but was kind of ruined for me at an early age

Well that sucked. But like a slow fungus, soccer is growing on me. Not a real fan, just sayin', I guess I can see the appeal.

Soccer was ruined for me at an early age. In first grade, my youth league coach was a former Greek national team player. And he tended to remember his glory days better than he remembered the fact that HE WAS COACHING FIRST GRADERS. Ball, nets, kids, shin guards, fun, aaaand YOU'RE DONE. But he would go ape**** whenever the refs didn't make the most minute, technical, esoteric calls - to the point that he stormed off the field during our second official game and never, ever came back. But what hit us first graders the hardest that day was that, because it was a forfeit, we didn't get our free post-game cokes at the concession stand.

Then a few years later, playing indoor soccer at YMCA day camp, everyone thought I was good at heading. But no, I was just good at getting my glasses smashed over and over again. Ouch.

I'm just sayin', that childhood stuff lasts. Ya gotta gimme time with this sport, that's all.

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