Wednesday, April 02, 2014

My take on last night's D.C. election results

Last night's election results were a small step forward for D.C. - good, but not great. The crooked mayor is gone, but his replacement is mediocre at best. There were huge gains in Ward 1, though, and nothing went in reverse with Ward 6 electing another great councilmember. A small net positive overall.

I'm very proud of D.C. for kicking Mayor Gray out. We have no one to blame but ourselves when we re-elect crooks, and D.C. did the right thing by picking the anti-Gray. Unfortunately, the wrong candidate emerged as the anti-Gray. I do not believe Muriel Bowser will be a good mayor. There doesn't seem to be a lot of depth in her interviews or courage in her career. Though not corrupt like Gray, she only supported ethics reform after it was extremely watered down and accepted money from the same shady donors. She's an improvement, but not a big one.

The best news is in Ward 1, where we saw HUGE change. The ethically-challenged Councilmember Jim Graham was defeated. I thought this would happen, but by one point, not 17!!! Best of all, the winner, Brianne Nadeau, isn't just an anti-Graham. She knows the neighborhood, is committed to a progressive vision, and expands the Council's reformer bloc. I'm very excited by Ward 1 - that was a huge boost for the city.

The positive status quo was kept in Ward 6, my neighborhood, with Charles Allen replacing Tommy Wells on the Council. This is wonderful news and I'm very excited - Charles will make a GREAT councilmember. But, Tommy was outstanding, so when talking about reform and progress, this is holding ground, or I'd lead off with it. Still exciting though.

Unfortunately, the negative status quo was kept for the at-large seat with Anita Bonds being re-elected, but that was expected. And while it's disappointing, it's also the status quo, meaning at least it's not a step backwards.

So overall, a small step forward in a big race, a huge step forward in a small race, and status quo both good and bad elsewhere. But I am excited by the prospect of an expanding Grosso/McDuffie/Allen/Nadeau reform voting bloc on the Council.

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