Wednesday, January 22, 2014

#March4Life: Please show God's love

Look, I'm not speaking against the March For Life itself. All those "Why we march" posts on social media? Great.

But even if you're pro-life, protesting at the DC Planned Parenthood clinic is sick and twisted. Most of the women there are seeking basic healthcare - nutritional guidance, prenatal care, cervical cancer screening, STD testing, etc. They are NOT there for abortion. I'm not saying this because the liberal media wants me too; I'm saying it because it's the truth of the women in my life.

I'm not telling you to stop fighting against federal funding for PPFA, though we disagree on that. I'm narrowly addressing the physical gauntlet. Why embarrass these patients, these women, and send them through a gauntlet of shame? And even if they WERE there for abortion, what makes you think this tactic is anything but counterproductive? Gathering on the Mall and in lawmakers' offices is one thing, but this -- this does not show Christ's love for anyone. STOP. IT.

(I don't mean to tar everyone at the march with one brush. For those who agree with this sentiment, thank you. Keep on keepin' on - but reign in your friends if you can. They're not helping your cause. At all. They're just hurting God's children.)


Cameron Von St James said...

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Nathan Empsall said...

Cameron, apologies if that's legit, but I get a lot of spam and can't tell if that's an actual comment - especially since you've posted it verbatim on a dozen other blogs. Please ask your question here in the comments.