Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Why I Watch Too Much TV

Television is an amazing art form, when you stop and think about it. When in human history has a writer ever written 200 stories about the same characters? A few plays, a few novels, maybe a few dozen stories. But hundreds? TV offers writers and actors the chance to develop characters more deeply, show more of their lives, and (when non-linear, like the Simpsons) showcase them in more scenarios and contexts than ever before.

Yeah, there's trashy TV and lousy sitcoms and dramas, but that doesn't mean the medium doesn't also offer art; there are lousy books and paintings, too. When done right, though - when it's Breaking Bad, the West Wing, or Hill Street Blues - it's the finest character art that creativity has ever known. Even comedies like Cheers, Barney Miller, and All in the Family get to explore characters in a way never done before.

All I'm saying is, I think that's pretty cool.

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