Thursday, June 06, 2013

Why "Goodbye" Is So Painful

"Saying goodbye requires courage. In order to say goodbye, one needs to be able to look at the person/memories/experiences that one is leaving behind and be willing to admit that it is over…either temporarily or permanently. One needs to be willing to let go of cherished experiences, and relationships knowing that this specific time period is over and that there will never be another relationship or experience quite like it. Saying goodbye involves not just letting go of the past but also of any number of possible futures. When we move away, when we change jobs, when we breakup, when we die, we bid adieu to what could of, should of, would have been. In saying goodbye, we acknowledge that what we had or what we could have had, is no more. Saying goodbye requires us to pause and stop running long enough to acknowledge that something vital to us-a friendship, a dream, a life, is ending, and it is often painful and disorienting. Many of us choose to keep running."
From Whovian Theology