Sunday, July 22, 2012

Whoops -- and Veep

So, yeah, I blew that last Newt Gingrich post.


Thought about deleting it, but that would be a little cowardly, no? I'm positive enough in my political record to leave it up. But here's my chance to blow it:

Mittens WILL nominate Portman or Pawlenty as his Veep. Maaaaaaaybe Thune or Jindal, but Jindal's going to run for President in four years so he probably doesn't want to be on a losing ticket, Thune voted for TARP, and Pawlenty criticized Romnecare. Thus, my money (literally, $40) is on Portman. It will NOT NOT NOT be Rubio or Christie, or any of the current top GOP women.

So, that's that, for now.

Update, September 18th: Well I'm just a regular Bill Freakin' Kristol this year. Did okay in 2006 and 2008, but perhaps I should just hang up the predictin' hat. One thing I've learned is that living in Washington DC is just about the worst thing a political junkie or organizer can do to themselves...

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