Friday, December 24, 2010

Christmas Eve

With apologies, I quit blogging to take a new job - and it happened so suddenly that I didn't have time for a farewell post. But I'm sure my new insect overlords won't mind if I take one quick moment to wish you all a merry Christmas! You can find my past reflection on the theology of power and oppression at Christmastime here.

Also - Google searches for both "Lo How An Onion E'er Blooming" & "Lo How An Onion E'er Bloomin'" each yield exactly zero results. This is the perfect idea for a parody - how has no one written or even thought of it yet?

Anyways, this'll be it for the foreseeable future. I'll jump start this blog again one day, but that may well not be until grad school, whenever the heck that happens. Thanks for everything, my wonderful friends and readers!