Friday, June 25, 2010

Craig's List Apartment Scam

Wow, I kind of let this blog die. That was an accident. I've been doing lots of political blogging at MyDD and personal rants at Facebook. But this blog has mattered to me for years so I'm sure I'll bring it back.

Anyway, I wanted to get this into Google search results: beware the West Africa rental scam while searching for apartments on Craig's List. This 2008 post from "Aspiring to Ordinary" has more info. This post on Craig's List, "$1100 / 3br - 1307 Emerald St Ne (Washington, DC)," is an example of the scam. He uses the e-mail

So, beware.


Leonardo Ricardo said...

What Craigs list? Just kidding, but wouldn´t you know I discovered it after I couldn´t use it anymore...some things are meant to be and my known world started promoting Baileys shortly after I stopped drinking in 1978...I´ll never know (with any luck at all) the savory flavour of Chololate Cream (I´d previously run through all the vodka and Kahlua I could find and called it a after dinner drink)...glad you´re back!

Un abrazo fuerte,


Nathan Empsall said...

Thanks! Hopefully I'm actually around to stay this time... if nothing else, I should probably at least cross-post longer FB updates and posts...