Tuesday, March 09, 2010

On Civility and Social Justice

You've probably heard by now about Glenn Beck's outrageous attacks on Christianity. I've written two posts on the subject at MyDD: "Glenn Beck Attacks Pastors, Doesn't Understand What Church Is" on Friday and "Glenn Beck Godwins Jesus, Part 2" this morning.

My favorite quote on the matter comes from Br. James Patrick Hall on Facebook: "I am concerned that too many Christians get most of their understanding of how to treat others from Rush, Glenn, Sean and Bill, rather than Matthew, Mark, Luke and John. Even a cursory reading of the Gospels or the Hebrew Prophets, even the Law, shows God's immense care and concern for the poor and how we as people of faith [are to] treat them!!"

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WKen said...

James Patrick Hall nails it.

I can't understand why Christians keep taking their cues from non-Christians like Beck and Limbaugh, or even warped but nominal-Christians like Hannity or O'Reilly.

I would hope that this nonsense would finally drive people away from Beck, but I thought that about Limbaugh's drug abuse, too ... I was sadly disappointed.