Thursday, January 21, 2010

Seasonal Affective Disorder

I like winter... not as much as I like fall, to be sure, but I do like it... that said, the city is 100% over budget on snow removal with no money left for filling potholes, and I could really dig some sun right now...

There's this priest I know, he's on a Mediterranean cruise right now. There's another priest just back from two weeks in Hawaii, and I've got two friends vacationing there now. But me? I'm sitting here in OMAHA wishing like hell it was a hot July day and I was floating down the Moyie River with some good friends and a cooler of beer. Which I'm not sure is quite what Raffi was going for, but hey, those kids have to grow up sometime.

I was gonna go to the gym, but maybe I'll just take a novel and check out a new coffee shop instead.

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