Sunday, January 24, 2010

Potentially Blasphemous Question

Jesus was 100% divine, but also 100% human. He had completely human biology. That means that He passed gas, and that it was smelly. Good, this helps me identify with Him.

But here's a question: did He ever bear false witness - ie, lie - about it? What I mean is, did He ever stink up the room and then deny it, or even blame someone else (I'm looking at you, Judas)?


Pete Husmann said...

no, why would he? I think a better question would be how he fit in when he was a little kid. Did he wrestle? Did he play games and win or lose? Interesting thought.

Nathan Empsall said...

That's what inspired the question - I'm reading a fictional novel about Christ's childhood now, called "Lamb" by Christopher Moore. It raises some great questions - almost all of the author's answers are ridiculous, but I'm still grateful that's raising questions I hadn't thought of and sending my mind down new paths.

Brian.C.Chao.09 said...

He avoided the issue altogether by simply responding, "I'm going to die for your sins in a short while, so how 'bout you cut Me some slack, Jack?"

Wickle said...

Being without sin, He wouldn't have lied about it.

Rich Mullins asked some of the same questions in his song "Boy Like Me/Man Like You" --

"Did You ever get scared playing hide-and-seek/Did you try not to cry when You scraped Your knee/Did You ever make angels in the winter snow?"

Nathan Empsall said...

I've been listening to so much Mullins this month. :)

NancyP said...

He blamed it, quite correctly, on His commensal colon bacteria.

E.coli are My creatures too!