Monday, January 25, 2010

Help the St. Bernard Project

I got this message on Facebook last week and am just now remembering to pass it along. :(

My name is Lisa Martin and I came across your site looking for a helpful Katrina recovery blog group. I admire how much your blog has grown from such a wonderful cause. I work for the St. Bernard Project and we rebuild the homes of Hurricane Katrina victims in the St. Bernard and Orleans parishes. So far, we have rebuilt 257 homes with more than 18,000 volunteers and with the help of countless donors.

We are in need of a shout out -- the St. Bernard Project is a finalist in Chase Bank's Community Giving contest on Facebook. The winner of the contest wins $1 million. We have beat out nearly 100,000 other nonprofits and are now competing against 99 others to win the grand prize. We are the only nonprofit from the Gulf Coast region, as well as the only rebuilding/Hurricane Katrina recovery organization to make it this far.

It would be tremendously helpful and amazing if (after checking us out) you shared our story with your readers/members in hopes that they will vote for us at The contest is only one week long, starting Jan. 15 and ending Jan. 22. We are really hoping to win this and use the money to put 66 families back in their homes, employ 21 veterans and local underemployed individuals, and extend the hours of our Center for Wellness and Mental Health by 2,000.

We'd be happy to send you a shout out on our Facebook and/or Twitter profiles, telling everyone to visit the post and vote. If you're interested in helping, simply copy this link and tell people we need their help to win!

Additional links that may be of interest:
Twitter account:
St. Bernard Project video:
Facebook page:

All the best,
Lisa Martin
Rebuilding the Lives of Katrina Survivors, Family by Family
The St. Bernard Project provides relief work for Katrina survivors.

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