Wednesday, January 20, 2010

The Future of Country Music?

"Highway 20 Ride," the fourth single from the Zac Brown Band is nothing short of amazing. After years of country music trying too hard to be sentimental or family oriented but just winding up transparent and sappy, this message from a divorced dad to his son manages to really nail the extant emotional side of an American life. Brown's clear vocals and De Martini's soft fiddle do a great job of following up three wonderfully fun (but potentially novelty) songs with a serious ballad. This effort cements the Zac Brown Band is the best new country group or duo since at least Brooks & Dunn, maybe even Alabama. If their follow-up effort is even half as good as their album "The Foundation" and if they can keep the band's line-up together for a few years, then without a doubt they are, along with Brad Paisley and Josh Turner, the future of true country music.

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Drew said...

This is one of those bands that you have to take a close look at (or listen rather) in order to realize they're not just another temporary pop sensation.

I agree, if they keep at it and can manage to keep all their players in place, we should be hearing this music for a while.