Sunday, November 01, 2009

Congratulations, Brian Prior!

This is a proud day for my home diocese, the Diocese of Spokane. The Rev. Brian Prior, rector of the Church of the Resurrection in Spokane Valley and vice president of the General Convention's House of Deputies, has been elected Bishop of Minnesota. Fr. Brian is one of the most active people in the Diocese and he will be sorely missed, but what an exciting new ministry this is for him! He used to direct Camp Cross, sits on numerous boards and committees, and was mentor to my home parish's last curate. The Diocese of Minnesota is very lucky to have him.

You can read the Episcopal Life Online story about his election here, but on this blog I will excerpt an interview the local paper, the Spokane Spokesman Review (for which I used to write) did with him in July:

  • My grandparents lost the family business during the Depression. Through this experience my grandfather engrained in me a sense of stewardship: “Take care of it, and it will last forever.” And he embodied the sense of generosity: “You help folks because you never know when you will need help yourself – and you will.” He went on to rebuild his business that was then passed on to two more generations.

  • They have a mindset that generations have lost. I feel blessed to have and have had both family and professional folks who were scripted during that Depression era.

  • They’ve consistently asked those questions, whether the market was up or down. Regardless of where the economy is, and many of them are doing fine economically and have consistently done fine, they are just so clear about asking: “Can we reuse that bag? Do we need to buy that? Is there another way?” For me that is at the heart of being good stewards, because it doesn’t matter how much they have, it’s a whole approach to life they take. I’ve gained a lot of wisdom from that.