Wednesday, October 21, 2009

My New Job, Part 1: Repower Nebraska

I mentioned a few months ago that I’m spending this year in Omaha, Nebraska working for the Episcopal Church of the Resurrection’s Episcopal Service Corps program. This program consists of three main components: spiritual direction, an internship at a local Episcopal church, and volunteer work at a local non-profit. I’ve been here for six weeks and the different components of this new job are now all in place. I’d like to devote a post each to my parish placement and to my non-profit placement.

For my volunteer work, I am helping out at Repower Nebraska as their faith outreach coordinator. Repower Nebraska is the local chapter of Repower America, the group Al Gore started with his Nobel Peace Prize money to advocate the passage of clean energy legislation. My job here is to coordinate with different faith groups around the state and work to address the spiritual and Scriptural issues surrounding climate change. I don’t know what I can and can’t say publicly about Repower Nebraska – they may not pay me (the Church of the Resurrection does that) but I am still going to respect whatever communication protocols and chain-of-command they may have regarding blogs and the like. When I worked for Senator Baucus, I wasn’t allowed to even say so online, so I’m going to be cautious and leave it here for now. I will say, though, that this is a really important cause and I am excited to be here!

For more on the Christian perspective surrounding climate change, please see a sermon I wrote and posted last weekend and take a look at this upcoming seminar from GreenFaith. A good resource from the Episcopal Diocese of Omaha is Green Sprouts.

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