Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Chris Christie's Silver Lining

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Everyone has something they bring to the table. US Attorney Chris Christie, the Republican nominee for Governor of New Jersey in this year's election, may have a few ethical questions, but no one is all bad. Seriously, I am a huge admirer of the level of fandom this guy has for Bruce Springsteen. I can only aspire to be Chris Christie. From the New York Times:

[Christie] has attended 120 Springsteen concerts, in places as far away as Paris and London, and once ducked out of a Trenton fund-raiser — “Gotta go, another event!” he said — and raced to Philadelphia, arriving at the Spectrum just as the band was cranking up “Badlands.”... Over the objections of aides, Mr. Christie is insisting he will attend Wednesday’s concert — despite a crucial debate on Thursday — and at least one more...

Mr. Christie said he did not have any illusions that he could win Mr. Springsteen’s endorsement. Asked how he would feel if Mr. Springsteen backed Mr. Corzine, he said that would be tough. “But in the end, I was a fan 34 years ago. I’d be a fan afterwards,” Mr. Christie said. “It is now just too much a part of my life.”

At times, the passion seems to overtake his life. In 2003, his second year as United States attorney, Mr. Christie went to 9 of 10 Springsteen concerts at Giants Stadium. He skipped one at the insistence of his wife, Mary Pat. “It gets to be a little much,” she said.

As a prosecutor, in preparation for a news conference after a major arrest, Mr. Christie would close his office door and pump himself up listening to songs like “Prove It All Night” and “Jungleland.”...

His wife got more than she bargained for in 2007 when he finally relented to her pleas for a Paris getaway: He checked the Springsteen tour schedule and proposed four days in Paris and four in London. “We can do whatever else you want to do,” he told her. “I just need two nights.”

CHRIS CHRISTIE, YOU ARE THE MAN. But that said, re-elect Jon Corzine anyway.

And in related news: the Boss has a new song!!

Bruce Springsteen performs his new song Wrecking Ball at Giants Stadium

(The photo, btw, is of a cowboy-hat wearing, sweat-drenched me at the Boston debut of the Seeger Sessions tour in 2006.)

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