Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Thank you, Bob Inglis!!!!

Well, well, well! At long last, a national Republican with the guts to stand up to fear-mongering, disinformation, and hatred - in other words, to Glen Beck!

Read all about it and watch a video here, but the long and short of it is this. At a town hall meeting last week in South Carolina, Republican Rep. Bob Inglis (who I'd never heard of before) told a rowdy crowd, "The suggestion was [watch] Glen Beck. Here's what I suggest: Turn that television off when he comes on." The crowd let out an instant loud and unanimous boo and began to leave. After the meeting, Inglis, who opposes the Democrats on health care reform, told a local blogger,

When fear takes over and people start thinking the Constitution is not strong enough to meet the challenge of a president they don’t like, you end up with some fairly hysterical reactions... The America that Glenn Beck seems to see is a place where we all should be fearful, thinking that our best days are behind us. It sure does sell soap, but it sure does a disservice to America.

Those are just two of his great quotes; read the full interview for several more. And remember, the interview is only half of it. Inglis's truthful anti-Beck comments weren't just made on the phone in a one-on-one call; he said them in public right to a yelling pro-Beck mob. I called his DC office to thank him last night, and even though it was only a couple hours after the close of business, their mailbox was already full. I hope it was mostly positive, and even though Inglis is a Republican who opposes Obama, I may well send a small check to him to help in his primary fight. We need more Republican leaders willing to put their career on the line and stand up to their base's hate the way he so courageously did.

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Jordan said...


I first watched Glen Beck a few years ago and after a while I began to act similar to that crowd. I noticed shortly after I stopped watching him (my semester just got too busy) I felt much better about myself and where I was.

Was that a coincidence?