Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Katrina Recovery Update

This blog started out about three years ago as a Hurricane Katrina recovery blog. I've since shifted my focus (twice), but thought it might be nice to return to my roots for a day. Though it's a week old, here's an interview with Rep. Maxine Waters (D-CA) discussing hearings in New Orleans on the slow pace of recovery and the problems with government programs like the infamous Road Home.

And here's this update from a Levees.org e-mail:
On Thursday August 27, CNN's Anderson Cooper will anchor an Anniversary Special from New Orleans. The show will feature Levees.org on what we learned on a Congressional Delegation visit to Holland. Stay tuned for exact time for the CNN show.

Other important news:

As reported by the Washingon DC office of the AP, Senator Landrieu has sent a letter to the Defense Department's Inspector General to investigate allegations that a group of individuals at the Corps New Orleans District waged an internet deception campaign to defend the agency after the 2005 levee failures. This is a significant development.

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