Friday, August 28, 2009

Dartmouth #1 in Undergraduate Teaching

I recently wrote a piece for Blue Moose Democrat and MyDD about the pointlessness of college rankings, never mind that Dartmouth College was #11 on one list. Still, one can't help but feel a little proud when one's alma mater or school is said to top a category of particular personal importance. And indeed, U.S. News says Dartmouth College is #1 in undergraduate teaching. This is no surprise - it is the only Ivy university that pretends to be a liberal arts college with a strict focus on undergrads - but it's still an achievement. So Professors Duthu, Turner, Lacy, Press, Fowler, Bafumi, Carey, Summers, and many more - here's to you.

Faculty: The professors at Dartmouth are among the leaders in their fields, yet they remain fully committed to teaching. Even the most senior professors teach first-year courses. Recipients of more than $160 million in annual research grants and consistently ranked among the most respected teachers in American higher education, Dartmouth professors are true exemplars of the phrase teacher-scholar. Through course-related discussions, research collaborations, and casual conversation, students get to know their professors as instructors, mentors, colleagues, and friends.


Nathan Bruschi said...

Also of note, Dartmouth places on the lists of "Most students studying abroad" at 58% (no other Ivys on the list, Williams at 48%), "Most students in fraternities" at 43% (Cornell at 33%), and "Lowest Acceptance Rates" at 13.5% (immediately ahead of Brown and behind MIT).

Nathan Empsall said...

43% seems low - it probably omits Amarna and Panarchy, and clearly omits the freshmen. Even then, wow, the number's fallen a bit over the years.