Sunday, August 23, 2009

Christ wasn't anal-retentive

Loved Friday's e-mail from Out of Nowhere. The new ones don't seem to be posting on the website, but here's an excerpt from the e-mail:

A bishop ruled a child’s first communion invalid because the priest used bread made of rice flour. He made no exception even when he learned that the child is allergic to wheat.

I don’t remember any scriptural qualifiers about the bread at the Last Supper, whether Jesus said, I am the living sour dough or I am the living croissant. And I don't remember any such about the wine, either, tawny port or merlot. Of course, there are those who would swear on their death bed in their conviction that it was grape juice all along. I do remember the frenzied rapture a few decades ago when plain old homemade bread began to replace the fish food...

As if it made any difference, Jesus was apparently not recorded to say whether this new bread was wheat or rice or barley or whatever, just mostly of himself which was problem enough. Leave it to the church and to its bishops for getting into major theological decisions like that with the little girl.

As for some of the rest of us, we’ll keep compromising Jesus's memory by busying ourselves, thank you, with and about who can love whom and how and even whether.

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Frank said...

It always amazes me when persons parse the punctuation and miss the sentence.