Thursday, June 25, 2009

Climate Change vote tomorrow, call Congress today

I called Rep. Walt Minnick (D-ID) yesterday (my Idaho congressman and perhaps the most conservative House Democrat) to ask him to vote aye in tomorrow's climate change vote. The Staff Assistant who answered the phone said the Congressman is still reading through the bill now to determine how he'll vote, so, there's still time to register public opinion! Please call your Congressman today about tomorrow's vote, perhaps the most important vote of the next few decades. Some info from EPPN:

Anxious to leave for their 4th of July recess, the House of Representatives just scheduled a vote on H.R. 2454, the American Clean Energy and Security Act (ACES), historic comprehensive climate change and energy legislation covering the entire economy. ACES creates a framework for transitioning to clean energy and curbing global warming, setting a first-ever limit on pollution that causes global warming and new standards to increase energy efficiency and providing generous support to the most vulnerable consumers and displaced workers. Passage of this bill will mark the first time a bill to reduce greenhouse gas emissions actually passed a house of Congress.

As this bill moves forward in Congress, we are also urging that it be strengthened by making sure that all revenue generated from the program be returned directly to the consumer to enable individuals to absorb the increase in costs that result from climate legislation. We are asking that the current renewable electricity standard be increased to help bring more renewable energy online and spur greater energy efficiency, providing well-paying sustainable jobs, lowering greenhouse gas emissions, and saving consumers money. We also seek additional funds for international adaptation assistance to help those around the world cope with the impacts of climate change for which they are least responsible.

Congress now has an opportunity to take the first major step toward enacting sweeping climate change legislation that will lead us down the path of energy efficiency, reduced dependency on fossil fuels, and needed reductions in the emission of greenhouse gases. Click here today to urge your Member to strengthen and support the American Clean Energy and Security Act.


Cany said...

Thanks, Nathan! Just sent mine off!

WR said...

Greeting Wayward Episopalian:

I'm not a Christian - Jewish in fact - but I enjoy you blog. I will continue to follow and I wish you blessings on your journey!

Nathan Empsall said...

Thanks, WR!