Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Dartmouth Baseball: Ivy League Champions!

A belated congratulations to Dartmouth's baseball team, the 2009 Ivy League Champions!

Dartmouth captured its first league title since 1987 last Sunday (May 4) with a valiant effort in the third game of a best-of-three series against Cornell. (Just my luck, the only game of the three I was able to make was the second, which we lost.) NCAA tournament play begins May 25.

Major kudos especially to Kyle Hendricks, a freshman who pitched seven shutout innings, and to senior 2B Jonathan Santopadre, probably the Ivy League's best hitter. This is a much better way to end the academic year than the football team's 0-10 season in the fall... but perhaps best of all, aside from Santopadre and 3B Ray Allen, most of the team's best players will be back next year and beyond! I'm going to be one happy alum in the coming years. Way to go, guys!

A fun note about Dartmouth baseball games: The fan heckling is great. The stands at Red Rolfe Field are right next to the field, so the opposing team can hear all your taunts. The goal, of course, is to get under their skin and help the home team - Ivan Zlatar '10 had a good column in yesterday's campus paper on the subject. My favorite taunt last weekend was aimed at Cornell's third base coach. The crowd nicknamed him Morpheus for his sunglasses and were absolutely relentless after a runner was tagged out at home: "Hey, Morpheus! You're in charge of the baserunning, right? So that out was kind of your mistake, right? How does that feel? This is the kids' team! They do all the work, they're the ones who practice and train, yet they only get four years! If I were you, I wouldn't want to ruin it for them, but that's just me. How does it feel, Morpheus?"

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