Wednesday, April 08, 2009

A Wayward Spring

As the very few of you who are regular readers may have noticed, I pretty much disappeared for the month of March. After a weekend at the Society of Saint John the Evangelist monastery in Cambridge, MA, things got quite busy. Hectic end-of-term projects (job app deadlines, PowerPoint presentations, etc) were followed by a frantic reading period and one of the worst finals periods I've ever had (wrote 92 pages in 5 days). Then, half an hour after the last paper was turned in, I hopped in a car to drive to Miami for some Habitat construction work - and when I say drive, I do mean drive, none of that sissy shotgun stuff! Classes started about 12 hours after we got back on campus - so yeah, busy time, not much room for blogging. And even when I did post, it was never really political.

Spring promises to be another busy term: four courses (an NAS seminar on bears, a course on Native intellectuals, a course on modern war issues and soldiers' perspectives, and the history of modern Germany), PE, two work study jobs, and a job search for next year, with the new baseball season as my distraction. April and May won't be March in terms of blog output, but they won't be November or January, either.

So here's what to expect from this blog: My goal is to have two substantive posts and a Musical Monday each week, with occasional short posts and interesting links. If I have even more substance, great, but I won't beat myself up over it if the occasional week only has one real post. Religion and faith may pop up more than politics given that really, what original thoughts can I add to the political blogosphere in a non-campaign season, but as usual, anything is fair game. This is a more traditional pace for Wayward, stepping back from last year's frantic pace but mirroring what I did 2-3 years ago. Should be fun if I do it right, at least for me.


Leonardo Ricardo said...

Careful, my brain is bursting with your duties and commitments...think I´ll take a nape now.

Thanks for sharing.

(good to see you back)

Leonardo Ricardo

Jordan said...

Well that's about as often as I lurk, so I think it all work out fine.