Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Fellow Conroe Native and Dartmouth Alum Wins Pulitzer

When I scanned the list of Pulitzer Prize winners and finalists a few weeks ago, I noted that Louise Erdrich was a finalist in fiction. Erdrich is a Dartmouth alum, and I've read some of her works in my Native American Studies classes.

I did not realize, however, that she was not the only Dartmouth alum on the list. It turns out that the winner in history, Annette Gordon-Reed ‘81, is not only a Dartmouth alum, but hails from the same small east Texas town as me: Conroe.

This from our school newspaper:

Annette Gordon-Reed ‘81 was awarded the Pulitzer Prize in history on April 20 for her 2008 book “The Hemingses of Monticello: An American Family.” The book traces the personal history of Hemings family members, many of whom were slaves for Thomas Jefferson, from 1725 to 1836... “I have been to Monticello before, but [Gordon-Reed] made me see Monticello through the eyes of the Hemings family,” [Dartmouth Professor of History Marlene] Heck said. “I was constantly having these ‘a-ha’ moments.”...

Gordon-Reed, a history major at Dartmouth, said she first became interested in history in elementary school, where she was the first black student in her previously all-white school district in Conroe, Texas. “I integrated our school district,” Gordon-Reed said. “That experience certainly sparked my interest in history because I began to think about why it was such a big deal, why it was necessary in the court system and considered all of the people involved.”

This is my day: Clear skies and 80 degrees. Learned my favorite professor will be our Class Day speaker (more on that tomorrow). Saw that Arlen Specter switched parties. Learned this news about the Pulitzer. Had one of my classes canceled. Dinner out tonight. Dude night watching "Band of Brothers" on the projector. Midterms? What midterms? Ain't nothin' gonna rain on this parade.

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