Monday, April 27, 2009

Sermons on Faith and Politics

Those arriving at this website by way of the article on Dartmouth's home page may be interested in two past sermons I have delivered. The first is a talk on the proper balance between faith and politics that I delivered at the weekly Rollins Chapel ecumenical worship service last year. I've since expanded it into an hour-long workshop on faith and politics for church retreats, but the link is to the text of the original 7-minute sermon. The second sermon is a longer one from a meeting of the Navigators Christian Fellowship last October, using the story of "Amazing Grace" to explain why I believe all Christians have an obligation to vote.

Thanks for stopping by! Content on this blog is a little sparse right now from a busy two terms, but I hope to pick it up soon, once this week's midterms are done. Posts on Obama's "partisanship" and Springsteen live in Boston coming soon.

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