Wednesday, April 29, 2009

An Excellent Choice for Dartmouth's Class Day Speaker

On the heels of the news that Pulitzer Prize finalist Louise Erdrich, an Ojibwe author, will be Dartmouth's commencement speaker in June, comes yesterday's announcement: Prof. Bruce Duthu will be our Class Day faculty speaker. I am very excited by this announcement. As I told Dartmouth Life, Prof. Duthu's "Native American Law" course is one of the two best classes I've had at Dartmouth, and he is one of my favorite professors. There are few folks at Dartmouth I respect more. A lawyer and member of Louisiana's Houma nation, he appeared on this blog last summer after publishing an Op-Ed in the New York Times about rape in Indian country. I congratulate the Senior Executive Committee on an excellent choice, and am proud of what this selection says about our class. I look forward to Prof. Duthu's speech.

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