Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Congratulations, Chuck Blanchard

A hearty round of applause to fellow Episcopalian blogger Chuck Blanchard! Chuck's "A Guy in the Pew" has been in the Wayward blogroll since last summer, when I finally started reading other Episcopalian blogs and linking to them here. Chuck has been kind enough to link back and comment here a time or two, as well, and is also a contributor to Episcopal Cafe.

Unfortunately, "A Guy in the Pew" is going dark, because fortunately, President Barack Obama has selected Chuck as the new General Counsel for the Department of the Air Force, Department of Defense. Congratulations, Chuck!

Here is his official bio. I didn't know all of this, but it explains why I was such a fan of his blog and its content!

Charles Blanchard is a litigation partner in the Phoenix, AZ office of Perkins Coie. During the Clinton administration, he served as the General Counsel of the U.S. Army (1999 - 2001) and Chief Counsel of the White House Office of National Drug Control Policy (1997 - 1999). Before assuming in those positions, he practiced law at Brown & Bain, P.A. (1988 - 1997) and served as Arizona State Senator (1991 - 1995). He also previously served as Associate Independent Counsel in the Office of Independent Counsel James McKay (1987 - 1988). Mr. Blanchard has clerked for Judge Harry T. Edwards on the DC Circuit and for Justice O'Connor. He is a graduate of Lewis & Clark College, Harvard’s Kennedy School of Government, and Harvard Law School.

I am confident that Chuck will carry his Christian values and concisence with him in everything he does at the Pentagon. This selection speaks well of the Obama-Biden-Gates administration's military values. :)


Jordan said...

"Military values?" Interesting choice of words there Mr. Empsall. :D

Nathan Empsall said...

Values relating to the military? Beliefs regarding war?

Leonardo Ricardo said...

FELCIDADES Chuck Blanchard

MadPriest said...

Jobs for the boys.

Obviously, Obama is trying to buy us off.


I expect my appointment to the Vatican position will be in today's post.