Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Musical Monday on a Tuesday: The cast of M*A*S*H

Here's this week's Musical Monday clip, a day late and a dollar short. This one's for Jordan - my all time favorite scene from M*A*S*H, in which the crew sings the beautiful canon Dona Nobis Pacem to their Catholic chaplain, Father Mulcahy.

(It's from season seven's "Dear Sis.")


Cany said...

How sweet! I loved this show (and if I owned a TV would probably still watch the re-runs!).

Jordan said...

Well thank you Nathan. I kind of needed that right now (the semester's rather hectic).

More than the song and setting of the show, but for the fact I know the characters about as well as I know some people it was nice to see all the subtleties that were contained within this meager one minute and forty seconds: Charles taking off the hat his mother gave him, and he's bald so that's a real sacrifice in the winter; and BJ in that redonculous Santa getup. Those were just the two that stood out to me.

I actually watched earlier today one of my more favorite episodes, Run for the Money. The main plot is that there's a race between the 4077th and 8063rd M*A*S*H's but I personally like the subplot involving Charles and a private who stutters. I won't spoil the ending but it puts physical limitations in perspective for me. That's season-11episode-9 if you want to look it up.

Speaking of physical limitations, when are you going to give us a healthier lifestyle update? I don't know about you (obviously that's why I asked), but I've made some progress this semester.

Jordan said...

And my comments two days late or so.... :P

Nathan Empsall said...

Good eye, that's stuff I hadn't caught.

I know the episode you mean. Ending with the phonograph? Good stuff. :)

I can't say an update would include much good news outside of my soda levels, although I appreciate the question/thought. Would love to hear yours, though.

Am in the middle of a hectic semester myself - or term, anyway. It's reading period now with some massive papers due soon, so there won't be much blogging in the next few days. Then off to Miami for some Habitat work.

Jordan said...

Well I'll message you on Fbook or an e-mail; since a comment here would be rather ... out of place. :)

Yeah, I've found that having owned the martinis and medicine collection that I've began to analyze the show as a fine piece of art. And I think given the relative newness of television I'd consider M*A*S*H to be the first true piece of television art; especially in the later years when Alan Alda got behind the camera and things became extremely depressing. ;)

Nathan Empsall said...

Sigh. Sometimes I think I'm the only person in the country who enjoys those "preachy" Alda episodes.