Friday, February 13, 2009

Praising the Son with the sun

I've been saving this in my inbox to pass along for quite some now - since November 14, actually. But, it's still worth posting. A note from the Episcopal Ecological Network directed me to the Diocese of Vermont's newsletter. A parish there is using solar power to help run the church. I find this noteworthy not just because that's a good thing to do, but also because the parish is St. Barnabas in Norwich. Norwich is right across the Connecticut River from Hanover, and I know the priest there - a wonderful woman who has given me great pastoral advice on multiple occasions. So, be sure to click through on the links below - even if solar power is beyond your congregation's reach, it's still heartening to see what the church is doing for creation.


Fred Chase (Diocese of Vermont and Diocese of Chicago) sent a link to "Mountain Echo", the newspaper of the Diocese of Vermont. The lead article in the November 2008 issue is about a Solar Power array installed at St. Barnabas in Norwich, VT. The article is available online as a PDF.

If you have difficulty with the above link, go to and scroll down to the link for the [November] issue of "Mountain Echo".

Maybe this article will give other congregations and vestries ideas on living into environmental stewardship.



Cany said...

Ooooo. Thanks for this!

Jordan said...

Huh, well are there churches in Iceland run on geothermal?

Or ones that run on wind in Arizona?

This is interesting. A Vermont church using solar ... what's to stop other churches from going green (other than their lack of faith in global warming).