Tuesday, February 03, 2009

Just Wondering

The president's new pick for Commerce Secretary (and my senior senator), Judd Gregg, is a former lottery winner - do you think he paid his taxes on those winnings? ;)

Also, it looks like my Congressman, Paul Hodes, will be running for Gregg's open Senate seat in 2010. I presume he'll be the nominee, and that's not a bad thing.


Kelley said...

Hm. I think Carol Shea-Porter might well challenge him for the seat. And whoever Lynch nominates for the job might have a decent shot keeping the seat in a primary, even against Reps. Shea-Porter and Paul Hodes.

Unless Hodes is Lynch's pick (which seems likely, since his district is safely Democrat and the dems will get it for sure with or without an incumbent), I think he's got at best an even chance of landing the seat.

Nathan Empsall said...

As was pretty much announced a couple days ago, Lynch picked a Republican today, so that person is not going to be an issue in the primary. I don't know about CSP - her House seat is much less safe than Hodes', so the party won't want her to give it up. Hodes is also a much better fundraiser and certainly has more national name recognition, and I've never been all that impressed with her on the stump. She or Marchand or someone might run, but I think Hodes is the favorite to beat any of them, andu nless Sununu tries for his old job back, the Republicans don't really have that many impressive folks to run against him in a general. I think his chances are AT LEAST even.