Friday, February 20, 2009

Brooks and Dionne on Niebuhr

I'm spending the weekend at the Provincial Gathering (ProvGat) for New England's many Episcopal campus ministries. I'm on the retreat's planning team and am looking forward to leading a workshop on faith and politics. I doubt I'll get much blogging done, but won't rule it out just yet. For now, I would point you to an interesting conversation between two of my favorite columnists, conservative David Brooks and liberal E.J. Dionne, about Reinhold Niebuhr, featured on last week's edition of American Public Media's "Speaking of Faith." Niebuhr is one of Barack Obama's favorite politicians. I would embed the conversation here, except the video is really large and doesn't fit the blog format well, covering up my sidebars. You can watch or listen to an edited version of the 53-minute show or watch the entire 80-minute conversation online. It's definitely worth a gander, even if just the first 15 minutes for you busy types.

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