Tuesday, January 06, 2009

Where will you be January 20?

Wow, it would appear that I haven't made a political post since December 22! That's some fast for a guy like me. I guess it's time to break that streak.

I got some great Christmas gifts this year: a nice western-cut leather vest, the complete John Ford/John Wayne DVD boxed set, the special edition "A Christmas Story" DVD, and more. But here's the best of all, rarer even than admission to Harvard:

Inauguration tickets.

That's right – through the regular online application process, I got two tickets from Rep. Hodes’ office to the front of the National Mall, by the Capitol steps, for President Barack Obama's inauguration. C’s going to be an absolute zoo – three million tourists swarming the place. Restaurants, bars, etc. will be unusable. I’m not even going to recognize the place, and I do hate crowds. But, this is a historical moment. I keep telling myself, there were no front row seats to Neal Armstrong walking on the moon. How can I pass this up? I’ve got a buddy’s place to crash and a working knowledge of the transportation system, so come January 20, you know exactly where I’ll be.



Jordan said...

Not hardly.

And I wouldn't be so arrogant as to compare a simple political "milestone" to when human kind first set foot on another terrestrial body. That would be tantamount to comparing Elizabeth I's rise to power in England to Christopher Columbus's discovery of the Americas for Western Civilization.

The two just can't compare.

Nathan Empsall said...

I would also not be so "arrogant" as to compare a "simple" political milestone to when human kind first set foot on another terrestrial body, which is why I did no such thing. Now, comparing a major technical achievement thought impossible only a few decades before to a major step in the overcoming of oppression and domination also thought nearly impossible only a few decades before, that I am willing to do.

Jase said...

Okay,that's it -- we are no longer friends! How great that you'll be at the most historic event in the history of the United States. I expect photos and a long post on your experience.

And for the record, I believe this event eclipses man stepping foot on the moon. This is about all of us, that was about a very select group of white men.

Jordan said...

"I keep telling myself, there were no front row seats to Neal Armstrong walking on the moon. How can I pass this up?"

Didn't compare the two? You did right there!

Nathan Empsall said...

I compared something to Neal Armstrong, sure, but it wasn't a "simple political milestone." I also wasn't arrogant about it.

Max B. said...

i'm actually not so sure i agree with jordan here. the achievement of man's first steps on the moon is indeed amazing, but it itself didn't really have much of an impact on humanity as a whole; really it was a powerful symbol for the amazing things humanity already achieved. obama's inauguration is similarly symbolic, but his election will also have a major continuing impact on how humans live every day. in some ways, momentous political events are have greater substantive effect on actual material human events than purely symbolic events. and keep in mind that after chris columbus' voyage, a whole bunch of white folk ended up living in north america; 40 years later, the moon remain uninhabited.

that said:


Nathan Empsall said...

Thanks, Max. Much more eloquent than I. :)

Nathan Empsall said...

BWAHAHAHAHAHA, that link is hilarious.

But something else did just occure to me. Everyone knows the moon landing was a hoax. THAT'S the real reason there were no front row seats. This, however is real! ;P

Jordan said...

Watch 'South Park' on that one! Indeed this whole election was a sham!

Also Man landing on the moon less important than a presidential election in a rapidly declining global political power! How ignorant must your idea be!

Nathan Empsall said...

"Rapidly declining global power" kind of conflicts with the comments you're making on the Shift Happens post, don't you think?

Jordan said...

It would conflict with what I said if I ignored the growth of East Asia as a political power as well Nathan. See: "narrow minded" comment I left on a later blog post.

Nathan Empsall said...

You're being rather vicious and more than a little rude tonight. Is there something wrong? Is everything alright?