Monday, January 05, 2009

What Bible character would you be and why?

One of the small group discussion questions at last week’s Episcopal college student conference was, “If you could be one character in the Bible, who would you be and why?” My answer was a toss-up between John the Baptist and my namesake, Nathan the prophet.

I admire these two men because they spoke truth to power. John filled the prophesy of a voice crying out in the wilderness – as the Dartmouth motto says, “Vox Clamentis in Deserto.” Whether anyone was listening or not, he knew what was right and spoke out for it, and yet when a greater power came along, he knew to bend his knee and bow his head. Nathan also spoke out for truth when no one else was, but not only did he speak truth, he spoke it to power, challenging a government ruler who had grown corrupt and arrogant. His words were not violent, and rather than toppling the king, he convinced him to change his ways, an extraordinarily rare feat. I hope that as I grow, I will always strive for the courage and clarity of John the Baptist and the politics and values of Nathan the prophet.

The comment section below is just tailor made for further reflection on this question. To my regular commenters Cany, James, Jordan, Leonardo, Dogwalkmusings, and Fred (apologies if I am forgetting anyone), and to any other readers, regular or new: if you could be one character in the Bible, who would you be and why? (Mom, I hope you’ll chime in too!)


James said...

Easy peasy - open mouth insert foot. If you didn't get that hint, I'm Peter. Ah, I'd rather be St. John, young, wise beyond my years and deeply insightful. But I'm just plain old Peter.

Cany said...

Well, I would have to say Mary M. since she was up close and personal with Christ and one that he loved.

I would also like to know where she went after Jesus rose and what she did, and where she died and her then-family.

She has always fascinated me.

Jordan said...

Joshua, and I hope that's not a surprise. The man was a brilliant military tactician, however he got his best plans from up above; and to top that he also rebelled against the powers-that-be here on Earth and was rewarded with being one of a few to see the Holy Land and live there.