Monday, January 05, 2009

Merry 12th Day of Christmas

I always hate to leave this time of year behind, but after today even I don't have a legitimate excuse to sing Christmas carols (save "We Three Kings" for a few weeks). :_(

I guess there's always songs like this... winter tunes that we mistake for Christmas songs... I can sing these clear into March!


James said...

But it's only 28 days till Groundhog Day. Do you have your Groundhog tree up yet?

Did you know in the "old" days of the Roman Catholic liturgical year, the church Christmas decorations and creche were left "up" until the feast of the Purification?? One year, by sloth, I observed that tradition.

Jordan said...

I can honestly say I've never heard that song before; and I hope to never hear it again. :P

Nathan Empsall said...

Really? It was in a Target commercial once... It's usually not sung quite so goofy, but for me, the Rat Packness of it is half the fun. :)