Sunday, January 18, 2009

Meeting Don King at the Inauguration

My first Inaugural update: Had dinner at Union Station last night just as Obama's train was arriving. He didn't come through the main terminal; they somehow got his motorcade into the concourse between the trains and the main building. It was still pretty cool, though, to be sitting upstairs at Uno's looking at CNN and realizing that the background and massive crowder behind the reporter was just 100 yards away, and if I turned around and looked over the balcony... wow, there's CNN!

It happened again after dinner, too, when I met boxing promoter Don King. You know, the guy with the crazy hair. I was showing a friend from school on his first trip here around Capitol Hill and the National Mall at about 9pm when we saw some network cameras and interview chairs near the Washington Monument. We wandered over to check it out, saw that it was CNN, and that one of the interviewees looked like, no wait a minute, really was Don King. When the interview was over we said hello. The man is as crazy off camera as he is on, but has lost quite a bit of hair so looks a tad less ridiculous. According to Wikipedia, he calls himself a "Republicrat," having supported Bush in '04 and Obama in '08. I overheard him talking to the other guy interviewed, a young black Republican, about African-American Michael Steele's campaign to be RNC Chair. He also hollered at the camera about how our nation needs to get past thinking of black people as 3/5 persons, and then complained about the camera wires everywhere. A lot of fun. Here are some grainy cell phone pictures:

On another note, here's something that worries me about Tuesday. I'll have to cut back on the coffee - NBC's Chuck Todd told Jay Leno the other night, "They're talking about one porta-potty per 6,000 people. ... That scares me a little bit."


Jordan said...


I said to never tell me the odds!

Well after reading that I respect the crazy boxing guy [Don King] that much more.

Cany said...

1 porta potty per 6k people? Oh man, I would be in line the whole time... argh!

Nathan Empsall said...

The real problem isn't the number of portapotties, but getting to them. I was within 25 feet of a porta-john at all times during the Lincoln memorial concert today, but the crowds were too thick to easily get to them or open the door. On a lighter note, for the first 30 minutes or so of the concert until security shooed them away, all the potties had people sitting on their roofs to see the stage better.