Thursday, January 29, 2009

Judd Gregg to Commerce?

Blue Hampshire has the story that Barack Obama might tap Senator Judd Gregg (R-NH) as his Secretary of Commerce, the one remaining Cabinet vacancy. If this happens, our Governor, John Lynch (D), would pick Gregg's replacement. It sounds pretty legit: Gregg answered a question about Commerce, "I am not at liberty to discuss that," and his staffers are "under a hard no comment" rule.

I hope this for real - it would mean 60 Democratic senators (Maybe Governor Lynch would appoint Steve Marchand? That'd be cool - and wow, what a fast way for Jeanne Shaheen to become the senior senator.) and a third Republican in the Cabinet. Yay NH politics, yay serious cooperative bipartisanship, yay Democratic senators, yay the second and third yays on my list conflicting with one another.

H/T my friend Kaili.


Cany said...

And Yay for the whole dog-gone thing!

Jordan said...

So there's no law in NH that requires the governor to pick a replacement of the same party as the vacating senator?

Nathan Empsall said...

I don't think so. Only a small handful of states have that law; it's generally wide-open.

Anonymous said...

Hello Nathan. Read it all and you never cease to amaze me. Great stuff and even greater understanding. Loved it all. Grand Dad.