Saturday, January 31, 2009

Inauguration Post Round-Up

To make blogroll linking easier, I am gathering the most substantive of my posts from the Inauguration into this index. (If you’re a regular reader, there’s probably nothing new here; it’s just for easier archiving.) There are a few other, smaller posts you can find if you click on the "inauguration" tab at the bottom of each post. These are listed in the order they happened rather than the order they were posted:

Saturday the 17th: Meeting Don King at the Inauguration

Sunday the 18th: I Was the Last Person Allowed in at the Lincoln Memorial

Sunday the 18th: Pictures and Videos from the Lincoln Memorial Concert

Monday the 19th: Avoiding Metro Like the Plague

Tuesday the 20th: Riding the Metro on Inauguration Day

Tuesday the 20th: Inauguration Pictures and Videos

Wednesday the 21st: A Good Travel Experience and an Interesting Conversation at BWI

Wednesday the 21st: +Gene Robinson: Rushing Back from DC to Put the Diocese First


Jordan said...

I hope this didn't count as your *cough* daily blog-post!

Nathan Empsall said...

Well of course it did, as will the coming Gather round-up! Each new post bumps an old off the front-page, and I wouldn't want to bump TWO off, now would I? :P