Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Brief update from the Inauguration

Today was/is insane. I am back in Silver Spring, MD. The inauguration was amazing, but the Metro a nightmare - it took me thirty minutes just to get out of the L'Enfant Plaza station after I was off the train, and leaving a station usually takes two minutes. Here's a picture from the Metro and one of my view from the mall. I'll have lots of great (and scary!) videos and photos later this week once I can upload my real camera.

I'll post more of a real update later tonight, but I am sooo tired right now. I'm going to have some Spaghetti-O's and watch the rest of the Inaugural parade on TV. Also, pray for Ted Kennedy.


James said...

Woo hoo!! Glad you are safe, Nathan. And I'm glad you had the experience of being there. I do wish you were old enough to have lived in an age of even partial segregation so you could understand what today means to us oldies.

Te Deum Laudamus!!!!

Can I steal that first pic you posted today?

Jordan said...

That looks more than scary, it looks petrifying!

Nathan Empsall said...

James, do you mean the Capitol picture above? Sure, have at it. I'll have much better ones on a day or three.