Thursday, December 18, 2008

Snow Storm 2008 Pictures

Although mine aren't nearly as interesting or action-oriented as the ones you'll find from the Spokesman Review, I've uploaded about 50 photos from my house of today's monstrous snowstorm to The good news about the storm is that baby brother made it home safe driving through the snow from Boise, ID. Here are a few of the photos, as well as a couple cell phone videos (they can only be 14 seconds long) of my dog playing in the backyard. Oh, and the temperature when I took these? A balmy 15 degrees.

He's got a little captain in 'im! (This is under trees, btw, so the snow isn't as deep here.)

More at Flickr. Also, I'm not the only person uploading CDA snow pics at Flickr - here are some from of the downtown Christmas lights at the beginning of the storm last night.

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