Saturday, December 06, 2008

One day, college will be but a cherished memory

A lot's been happening lately, both in the church and in the world - Cabinet picks, ex-Bishop Duncan pretending to start a new Anglican province, the retirement of the bishop of Louisiana - and yet I haven't been blogging about any of it. And why not?

A recap of the last two days: I woke up at 10:30 on Thursday, hopped the bus to Boston at noon, had a job interview at 2:30, and hopped on another bus back to Hanover, no need to discuss much. After a quick dinner, I spent the night and following morning finishing reading several books on the Aryan Nations and writing a 17 page paper on them, as well as two other two-page assignments for the same class. Also, one of my housemates made home-made donuts for breakfast; he is awesome.

I turned in the 21 pages and picked up some older graded assignments at noon, sugar-crashed from the donuts, had lunch with a friend, met with my thesis advisor at one, helped another friend move about 60 books from her thesis office upstairs to the circulation desk downstairs, went to turn in a checked-out DVD (disc 3 of "Studio 60 on the Sunset Strip") and realized I had left it at home, picked up a graded Environmental Science assignment, and walked home. It was at this point 3:30, and in the previous 29 hours I had slept for an hour on a bus and 45 minutes in my bed. This followed several days of only 4-6 hours of sleep per night, but did I go to bed? Well, I did sleep for two hours, but got up at 6 for dinner at Big Fatty's Barbeque in Hartford, VT. Who knew you could ever find such wonderful barbeque in VERMONT? But trust me, it's worth the lack of sleep, especially on brisket Fridays. 'Twas at about 10 when I finally crashed for 12.5 hours of wonderful, wonderful sleep. Fortunately things get to calm down a little bit now: I have to research vocabulary for a study session later tonight, watch the Oklahoma-Mizzou game after that, write a five-page memo about my thesis, and take two back-to-back finals on Monday before flying home Tuesday evening.

Blogging? I think not. I might say hello in the next couple days, but the chances are best that I'll see you on Wednesday...

(Kudos, btw, if you caught the Paul Simon joke.)


Jordan said...

I did not catch the Paul Simon joke. And that sounded like my life around midterms this semester.

Nathan Empsall said...

I once wrote 50 pages about presidential primaries in 25 hours. That was intense. Then there was the time I spent a travel day downloading PDFs in airports and reading them and books on planes all day, and spent the next day at home in Idaho writing all day. Or freshman spring, when I did three all-nighters in four days... the end is in site, two more terms!

Jordan said...

Hurrah for you! I've got three semesters left in my undergrad career.