Sunday, December 28, 2008

Off to Colorado

I'm heading to Estes Park, Colorado this afternoon for the quadrennial national gathering of Episcopal college students, officially titled "S.E.E. the Light - 2008 Gathering of Episcopal College and University Students".

My thanks to the Diocese of New Hampshire and Province One for their financial assistance, making this trip almost free of charge. I'm very excited - this will be my first time in Colorado, but if it's anything like I expect, then I know I'm going to love it and find it right up my alley. The conference itself is themed “Seek, Encounter, and Embody (S.E.E.) the Light” and will feature worship, workshops, and speakers on a wide variety of themes relevant to youth and faith. I’m hoping to attend the workshop on Christian sexual ethics and the panel on discernment, as well as whatever else the schedule permits. There should also be snowshoeing, fun fun.

I'm not sure what our Internet access will be like. If it's any good, I'll try to post daily updates about the conference. If it's not, you can expect a general report after I get back on Jan. 1. Also look for a review of the new WWII movie "Valkyrie" set to post this evening.

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