Monday, December 08, 2008

It's Cold

According to Yahoo! Weather, the temperature here in Hanover, NH, even with the sun up and shining, is currently 7 degrees Farenheit, but with wind chill it feels like -8. The high today will be 12.

Off to take my finals now!

Update, 5:02pm: It is now 11), with a windchill of 3. A half hour or so ago the sun was still up and the temperature was around 15. And I've got to say I AM LOVING IT! I fly to Spokane tomorrow night; Coeur d'Alene will have a balmy high on Wednesday of 38 degrees. It'll be just like flying to San Diego!

Seriously, and I hope this doesn't undermine my Texan identity, but I do love it.

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Cany said...

Alright, now dog-gone it, get that little kittie out of the weather... or I will have to come all the way out there and do it myself:)

cany (in ca)