Friday, November 28, 2008

Counting My Blessings

Having arisen from my food coma, I make this belated post. This Thanksgiving week, I am thankful:

That wonderful people from church took me in for the holiday.

That the end of this hectic term is less than two weeks away.

For friends like Daniel, Ellie, Amber, Jake, Nic, Jon, Adam, my wonderful roommates and the Navs, everyone at the Edge, Logan, Erin, Savannah, Katie, Oliver, Josi, Logan, Jordan, and Anna, who I will finally get to see next month for the first since God knows when. And everyone else who I wasn’t able to type before I decided to move on to the next item on the list. :(

For regular readers-and-commenters-slash-wonderful bloggers like James, Cany, Leondaro, Fran, and anyone I am forgetting :(.

For loving parents who took me in and gave me my home when I had none, loving birth families who knew their limitations but want me in their lives anyway, gracious and warm family from Arizona to Virginia to New York, and a brother, 18.

That I am privileged enough to be learning at a place as dignified as Dartmouth – and that I am usually able to do so with what I hope are generally open eyes.

That I can finally start playing Ave Maria and Adeste Fideles again.

For Dave Oliveria and the gang at Huckelberries Online, keeping me in the North Idaho loop so far from home.

For fall in New England.

For an intellectual President, a Democratic Congress, and a balanced government (remember the conservative court).

And above all, I am thankful that my dad is healthy for the first time since before I could walk.


Nathan Empsall said...

I am also obviously thankful for God, Christ, the church, and the cross, and for faith, hope, and love, and grace and mercy, but wasn't quite sure how to work that in given my use of the words "above all" at the end of the post.

James said...

I'll say a Te Deum for your dad being healthy, and another one for you, Mr. Wayward.