Friday, October 03, 2008

Saluting the candidates - all four of them

Joe Biden’s son, Beau, one of the most gracious men I’ve ever met, flies to Fort Bliss today to begin preparing for his November deployment to Iraq. Sarah Palin’s son is already there, and John McCain’s son has gone and come back.

When our nation first went to war, uberliberal Michael Moore asked members of Congress if they would please encourage their kids to join the military and share the sacrifice of so few families. It is true that Congress rarely feels the same pinch as the rest of America, so how wonderful is it that three of our four major national contenders are sharing in that real sacrifice, standing beside their policies in ways most of us can’t even imagine?

Oh, and the fourth candidate? His oldest child is nine. If four out of four candidates had kids in the military, we’d have a problem.

This campaign has turned into a real mudfest, but of this one often overlooked detail, we can all be proud. And we can be prouder still when President Obama brings Governor Palin’s son home, the mission over and his courage honored.