Monday, October 27, 2008

Photos on this blog, or why Doug Lambert is a crook

I have added the following to the sidebar of this blog: "One final note - please ask before reprinting any photos you see on this blog. If you see a copyrighted photo of your own used without permission and want it taken down, please ask and I will do so immediately." I often use photos that are not my own, and try to give credit for them. If folks who do own the photos don't like that, I will comply with their requests. I hope that others will do the same thing.

Doug Lambert of GraniteGrok is refusing to honor this polite request. He has reposted the photo of me and Bishop Robinson at his blog, which I will not link to, in a rather disrespectful post. Now as regular readers of WE and my posts at MyDD know, I have no problem with disagreements and even have a wide conservative streak myself. My only problem is with disrespectful people who can't handle it when others disagree with them (see my next post about the election). Doug's tone in a deleted comment here and various posts on his own blog suggest he is one of those people, so I very politely asked him to remove my photo from GraniteGrok. He refused. Thus I am forced to believe that New Hampshire's Doug Lambert of WEMJ is not only a bully but also in possible violation of intellectual copyright rules. I'm not going to do anything about it, other than this: when folks Google his name, maybe this post will come up. If, however, he decides to honor copyright law, deletes the photo, and lets me know in a comment section on this blog, I'll delete this paragraph right away so that these accusations won't be linked to his name in Internet searches. Maybe I'm being petty and that's certainly not a good thing, but a guy's got to stick up for himself.


FranIAm said...

That guy seems like a real idiot- rude, unkind and not really interesting in discussing, just dumping.

Sorry this happened to you!

Nathan Empsall said...

Yes, pushing his own hostile agenda, or "dumping," was very much his goal. At least his blogging partner Skip didn't seem so bad.

Meh, when you put your name and your views out there, be it speaking online or speaking in the classroom, you will from time to time bump into these hacks. If Jesus could take the Romans, I can certainly take the bloggers.

Logan said...

I have read this whole diatribe, on both his site and yours, and Nathan I think you need a disclaimer on your site: "I respect the right of free speech and believe in open, honest debate, I however reserve the right to delete intolerance. ignorance and stupidity." His whole post is one of many things I've seen, heard or read from both sides this election that makes me think that the Founding Fathers were on to something with how they originally intended the Electoral College...(j/k)

But to be serious, I do have two questions for Bishop Robinson: 1) What does he think of people like our dear friend Doug who show religious intolerance to people because of their sexual orientation, does he feel that they misrepresent what it means to be a Christian? 2) What is his opinion of laws like California's Proposition 8?

Nathan Empsall said...

Thanks for the support, Logan. I do indeed need to post a comment policy.

A question about Prop 8 is a good idea! The interview will run - and given schedule changes maybe even be conducted - after Election Day, but I may well ask about that. Good idea!

Jordan said...

Doug did ask a few good questions, but I would have definitely changed the underlying tone behind them.

Also he is a jackass.

Nathan Empsall said...

Haha; thanks, Jordan.

Yes, I'm all about the town. I certainly would have allowed the content to stay posted - case in point, your comments, or Skip's comment. Didn't delete those.