Tuesday, October 21, 2008

My life on a map

I love asking people I just met where they're from. I don't look down on any particular region of the country (Yankee culture notwithstanding), so it's hardly a derisive question; I'm just absolutely enthralled with the diversity of American geography, culture, and geology. So bearing that in mind, here's my life on a map. Each point represents a major regional area (not always exact - for instance, Irvington, VA also represents Blacksburg and DC; Coeur d'Alene, ID takes in eastern WA, and Sundance, WY includes the Black Hills) where I either spent a lot of time or have a few strong memories from a short time, and all the blue lines hold true by car except for the California leg and the Montreal jog - I flew to CA and have never been to Montreal. The rest, however, I have driven or rode along. (If you can't see the blue lines and map points, just click "view larger map" below the map, and it should come up accurately on a separate Google page.)

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So why am I sharing this here? Well, partly because it was fun to make and I'm putting of all real work, as usual, and partly because I haven't posted here in a while, but mostly because I love to travel. These geographic points and experiences inform who I am and how I think, which is what dictates the contents of this blog.

Kind of looks like a giant glazed donut, doesn't it?

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