Monday, October 13, 2008

Months like this don't come along every week

Man, this paragraph from NBC's First Read really puts things in perspective. Can you remember a faster, crazier, less predictable month than the one we've just been through? I hadn't thought about it before, but yeah, it's just been boomboomboom.

The Status Quo: At the beginning of the month, at the 34-day mark before the election, we noted how much had changed in the preceding 34 days: Obama had accepted the Dem nomination, McCain picked Palin, Hurricanes Gustav and Ike crashed into the Gulf Coast, Lehman Brothers went under and Merrill Lynch was bought out, the Bush Administration asked for its $700 billion bailout package, and McCain and Obama participated in their first debate. "If the next 34 is like the last 34, we're in for quite a ride," GOP pollster Neil Newhouse told First Read at the time. But in the past two weeks since then, what has been remarkable is how little has actually changed. Despite the Dow's ups and downs, the Biden-Palin debate, and the second McCain-Obama one, the race has continued on its current course where Obama has built his leads in national and state polls... Of course, with exactly three weeks go to, things in this race can certainly turn in a blink of eye. But it's got to be pretty frustrating for the McCain camp to count on outside events to change things again.

Ok, enough procrastinating. Back to the midterm studying I will go.

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Cany said...

It has been a roller coaster ride, for certain!

With the last debate happening tonight, if folks remain undecided much longer I guess they will just have to flip a coin? Argh, that's a scary concept.

The huge lead in some states by Obama, and depending on the poll, even national numbers, can be deceiving...

I suspect America is ready for the election just about NOW before their brains get swept up in some other kind of malfeasance, natural disaster or economic tops go spinning farther out of control.

I'm sure astrologists have had a field day.