Friday, September 19, 2008

Roadtripping the Blogroll

I'm roadtripping down to Moscow, ID tonight and will be back late tomorrow. After that, I'm hoping to go canoeing on Hayden Lake. Sunday is pretty booked up as well, and I'm flying back to New Hampshire on Monday. Tuesday will be spent moving into a new house, and I believe classes start Wednesday (if I'm lucky, Thursday). The point is, it'll be tough to blog regularly for the next week or so. I'll try to write an entry or two - there's a high chance of YouTube - and I'll pick up regularly next week. I guess this means my St. Luke's sermon will enjoy some extra time on the blog's frontpage! :)

For now, here are four new blogroll entries. Updating the Episcopal blogroll earlier this week, I shamefully overlookd FranIam and Ruth's Visions and Revisions. Also, to the "Other Good Links" section, I've added two excellent American Indian news sources: Indian Country Today, the largest Indian newspaper, and, another good pan-Indian news source based out of the Winnebago Reservation in Nebraska (with an office in DC). I've had professors hand out Indianz articles in class.

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FranIAm said...

Well thank you! I did not expect to see my name here, but am grateful that I did.

Peace and blessings to you!